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UK Start-up Visa

Unfortunately, the UK Start-up Visa program closed to new applicants on April 6, 2023. This means you can no longer apply for this specific visa route.

The Start-up Visa, facilitated by Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, a sister company to Newton Tax Advisory, is your gateway to turning your dream into reality in the UK, a thriving hub for startups.

Benefits of the Start-up Visa:

Who is eligible?

How can Sindhu Immigration help?

Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, leveraging the expertise of its sister company Newton Tax Advisory, provides comprehensive support throughout your Start-up Visa application journey. We offer:

  • Expert assessment and guidance: Our experienced team will assess your eligibility, provide personalized advice, and navigate the complexities of the application process.
  • Business plan review and refinement: We work with you to refine your business plan, highlighting its strengths and ensuring it meets the endorsing body’s requirements.
  • Endorsing body selection and courtship: We help you choose the right endorsing body and facilitate communication for a smooth endorsement process.
  • Application preparation and submission: We assist you in gathering necessary documents, preparing a compelling application, and submitting it correctly to the Home Office.
  • Representation and communication: We represent you throughout the process and handle all communication with the Home Office on your behalf.

Post-application support: We provide guidance and support after your visa is granted, helping you settle in the UK and navigate the initial stages of establishing your startup.

Requirements for a UK Start-up visa (applicable to existing visa holders)

  1. Business Endorsement: You must have obtained an endorsement letter from an approved UK endorsing body confirming the innovation, viability, and scalability of your business idea.
  1. Business Progress: You need to demonstrate that your business is actively trading and making progress towards its goals. This includes providing financial statements, evidence of sales and customer acquisition, and updates on your business plan.
  1. Maintaining Investment Funds: You must continue to have access to at least £50,000 in investment funds to support your business.
  1. English Language Skills: You must meet the UK’s English language requirements, typically a score of B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
  1. Compliance with Visa Conditions: You must comply with all the conditions of your Start-up Visa, including reporting your business activity and maintaining your residence in the UK.

Additional Information (applicable to existing visa holders)

Joining an Existing Business: With a Start-up Visa, you can join an existing business as a partner or key employee, provided you continue to meet the visa conditions and the business remains viable.

Applying as a Team: You may have applied for the Start-up Visa as part of a team. All team members must individually meet the eligibility requirements and contribute to the business’s success.

Endorsement Letter: The endorsement letter is a crucial document verifying your eligibility for the Start-up Visa. It is recommended to keep a copy and be prepared to provide it to the Home Office upon request.

Visa Validity: The initial Start-up Visa is valid for 2 years, with the potential for two extensions of 2 years each, allowing for a maximum stay of 6 years in the UK.

Extending Your Visa and Applying for ILR: Once you have held the Start-up Visa for at least 3 years and met specific criteria, you can apply for an extension of stay or settle in the UK under the Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) category.

Additional Considerations:

  • Ensure you are aware of changes or updates to the Start-up Visa guidelines or requirements.
  • Seek professional advice from an immigration lawyer to ensure compliance and discuss your options for extension or settlement.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for general guidance only and may not apply to all situations. It is recommended to consult with an immigration lawyer for personalised advice and assistance.

While the Start-up Visa program is currently unavailable, Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, a team of experienced immigration professionals, can still help you explore alternative visa options. We are dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and business professionals like you in establishing yourselves in the UK.

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