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UK Global Business Mobility Visa – UK Expansion Worker

Are you a key employee seeking to expand your company’s operations into the UK? Look no further than the UK Global Business Mobility Visa: UK Expansion Worker, facilitated by Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, a sister company to Newton Tax Advisory. This visa empowers senior managers and specialist workers like yourself to establish and manage a new UK branch of your overseas company, opening doors to exciting business opportunities.

Benefits of the UK Expansion Worker Visa:

Our advice supports you by providing comprehensive tax compliance services, including:

Who is Eligible?

  • Senior managers and specialist employees of an overseas company.
  • Minimum 12 months of experience working for the linked overseas company (unless earning £73,900+ per year).
  • Genuine job offer from the UK branch of the linked overseas company.
  • Skilled role at RQF Level 6 (graduate equivalent) or higher.
  • Salary meeting both the general requirement of £45,800 per year and the “going rate” for the specific occupation.
  • Paid Immigration Skills Charge by your sponsor.
  • Available funds of at least £1,270 (exceptions apply).
  • TB test may be required if you’re from a high-risk country.

We would like to bring to your attention a remarkable opportunity to take your business to the next level in the United Kingdom. We humbly request that you consider reaching out to Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, a highly professional and respected immigration consultancy service. Our team is committed to providing you with the guidance and support required to secure a GBM Visa: UK Expansion Worker and embark on a successful expansion journey. We respectfully urge you to seize this chance to expand and grow your business in the UK. We are confident that our expert services will meet and exceed your expectations.

How can Sindhu Immigration help?

Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, a leading UK firm specializing in immigration and business mobility solutions, can assist you throughout your UK Expansion Worker Visa application process. We offer:

  • Comprehensive assessment: We analyze your individual circumstances and ensure you meet all eligibility criteria.
  • Expert guidance and advice: Our experienced team provides personalized advice and navigates the complexities of the application process.
  • Sponsor liaison and support: We work closely with your UK sponsor to ensure the Certificate of Sponsorship is accurate and meets all Home Office requirements.
  • Efficient document preparation: We help you gather and prepare all required documentation efficiently and accurately.
  • Streamlined application submission: We guarantee your application is complete and submitted correctly to the Home Office.
  • Representation and communication: We represent you throughout the process and handle all communication with the Home Office on your behalf.
  • Pre-departure and arrival support: We provide valuable information and resources to help you prepare for your relocation and settle into the UK smoothly.

UK Global Business Mobility Visa: UK Expansion Worker Requirements

Overseas Work Requirement:

  • No prior overseas work experience with your sponsoring employer is required.

Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) Requirement:

  • A valid CoS from a licensed UK employer is mandatory.
  • The CoS must be specific to the UK Expansion Worker route.

Job Skill Level Requirement:

  • The job must be at a senior management or specialist level.
  • Specific qualifications or experience may be required depending on the position.

Salary Requirement:

  • The minimum salary is £45,800 per year or the “going rate” for the occupation.

Financial Requirement:

  • Applicants must demonstrate sufficient funds to support themselves in the UK.
  • The amount varies depending on whether applying from inside or outside the UK.

Switching into the GBM Visa: UK Expansion Worker Route:

  • This route is primarily for initial entry to the UK. Switching from other visa routes is not typically possible.

Visa Duration:

  • Up to 12 months initially, with potential extensions for up to 2 years total.

Maximum Time in the UK Global Business Mobility Routes:

  • The maximum total stay in any GBM route is 5 years in any 6-year period.

Conditions of Stay:

  • Adhering to visa conditions regarding work, travel, and reporting is crucial.
  • Breaches may lead to visa cancellation and potential removal from the UK.

Sponsor Licence Application:

  • Employers sponsoring UK Expansion Workers require a valid GBM Sponsor Licence.
  • Specific criteria and standards must be met for application approval.
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