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UK Self-Sponsorship Skilled Worker Visa

Do you possess the skills and ambition to thrive in the UK but lack a traditional employer sponsor? The Self-Sponsorship Skilled Worker Visa, facilitated by Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, a sister company to Newton Tax Advisory, offers a unique opportunity for talented individuals like you to pursue their professional aspirations in the UK.

Benefits of the Self-Sponsorship Skilled Worker Visa:

Become your own sponsor: Gain independence and control over your career by establishing your own UK business.

Choose your own path: Pursue your entrepreneurial ambitions and build a business aligned with your expertise and passions.

Access the UK market: Tap into a vibrant and dynamic economy, offering vast opportunities for growth and success.

Enjoy flexible residency: Gain residency in the UK while building your business, ultimately leading to permanent settlement.

Who is eligible?

  • Skilled individuals: Possess relevant skills and qualifications at RQF Level 6 (graduate equivalent) or higher.
  • Innovative business idea: Have a viable and innovative business plan with the potential for growth and economic impact.
  • Financial resources: Demonstrate sufficient funds to support yourself and your dependents in the UK.
  • English language skills: Meet the required level of English language proficiency.

How can Sindhu Immigration help?

Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, leveraging the expertise of its sister company Newton Tax Advisory, provides expert guidance and comprehensive support throughout your Self-Sponsorship Skilled Worker Visa application process. We offer:

  • Expert assessment and eligibility confirmation: Analyze your individual circumstances and confirm your eligibility for the visa.
  • Business plan review and refinement: Enhance your business plan, ensuring its viability, innovation, and compliance with Home Office requirements.
  • Financial feasibility assessment: Assess the financial viability of your business and provide guidance on demonstrating sufficient funds.
  • Application preparation and submission: Assist you in gathering documentation, preparing a compelling application, and submitting it correctly to the Home Office.
  • Representation and communication: Represent you throughout the process and handle all communication with the Home Office.
  • Post-application support: Offer guidance and support after your visa is granted, assisting with business establishment and navigating initial operational challenges.

Requirements for a Self-Sponsorship UK Skilled Worker Visa:

Here’s a breakdown of the key requirements and steps involved in applying for a Self-Sponsorship UK Skilled Worker visa:

Stage 1: Establish a UK Company:

  • Choose a business structure: Limited company is the most common choice.
  • Register your company: Register with Companies House (online or by post).
  • Open a business bank account: Consider a UK bank for convenience.
  • Develop a business plan: Outline your business goals, strategies, and financial projections.

Stage 2: Apply for a UK Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence:

  • Meet eligibility criteria: Ensure your business is genuine, operating lawfully, and financially viable.
  • Gather required documents: Company registration documents, financial statements, business plan, and passport.
  • Create a Sponsor Management System (SMS) account: Submit applications and manage sponsorship duties.
  • Pay the application fee: Currently £536.
  • Submit your online application: Provide detailed information about your business and sponsored role.
  • Await Home Office decision: Processing time can vary, so prepare for delays.

Stage 3: Assign a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS):

  • Once your sponsor license is approved: You can assign a CoS to yourself through the SMS.

Stage 4: Apply for a Self-Sponsored UK Skilled Worker Visa:

  • Meet eligibility criteria: Prove your role meets the skill level and salary requirements.
  • Gather required documents: Personal details, passport information, CoS details, financial maintenance funds evidence, and English language proficiency proof.
  • Create an online application: Provide all details and supporting documents.
  • Pay the visa application fee: Currently £1,270.
  • Attend a biometric appointment: Provide fingerprints and photograph.
  • Await Home Office decision: Processing time can vary depending on your nationality and location.

Additional Considerations:

Don't let a lack of a traditional sponsor hold you back! Contact Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd today and let us help you secure your Self-Sponsorship Skilled Worker Visa and unlock a world of possibilities in the UK..

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