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UK Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

Do you represent an overseas business seeking to establish a commercial presence in the UK? Look no further than the Representative of an Overseas Business Visa, facilitated by Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, a sister company to Newton Tax Advisory. This visa enables you to set up and manage a UK branch or subsidiary of your overseas company, paving the way for your business expansion and success in the UK market.

Benefits of the Representative of an Overseas Business Visa:

Who is eligible?

  • Senior employees of overseas businesses: You must hold a senior management or specialist position in your overseas company.
  • Genuine job offer: You must have a confirmed job offer from your company to work as a representative in the UK branch.
  • Skilled role: The offered role must be skilled at RQF Level 6 (graduate equivalent) or higher.
  • Salary meeting requirements: Your salary must meet both the general requirement of £45,800 per year and the “going rate” for your specific occupation.
  • English language skills: You must demonstrate a good level of English language skills.

How can Sindhu Immigration help?

Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd, drawing upon the expertise of its sister company Newton Tax Advisory, provides comprehensive support throughout your Representative of an Overseas Business Visa application process. We offer:

  • Expert assessment and guidance: Our experienced team will assess your eligibility and provide tailored advice to ensure your application is successful.
  • Sponsor liaison and support: We work closely with your overseas company to ensure the Certificate of Sponsorship is accurate and meets Home Office requirements.
  • Efficient document preparation: We help you gather and prepare all required documents efficiently and accurately.
  • Seamless application submission: We guarantee your application is complete and submitted correctly to the Home Office, maximizing the chances of success.
  • Representation and communication: We represent you throughout the process and handle all communication with the Home Office on your behalf, keeping you informed every step of the way.
  • Pre-departure and arrival support: We provide valuable information and resources to help you prepare for your relocation and settle seamlessly into life in the UK.

Requirements for a UK Representative of an Overseas Business Visa:

Business Eligibility:

  • Your overseas business must be actively trading and have a proven track record.
  • Your business must intend to establish a genuine and ongoing business presence in the UK.
  • The business activities in the UK must be overseen by the representative.

Candidate Criteria:

  • The candidate must be a senior employee of the overseas business.
  • They must have the relevant experience and qualifications to manage the UK branch or subsidiary.
  • They must be able to demonstrate strong English language skills.

Employment Terms:

  • The candidate must be employed directly by the overseas business and not by a UK entity.
  • They must be paid a salary at or above the appropriate UK rate for their role.
  • They must be entitled to the same benefits as other employees in their position.

Centre of Operations Test:

  • The overseas business must demonstrate that its main center of operations and decision-making remains outside the UK.
  • This means that the majority of the business’s employees, revenue, and assets must be located outside the UK.

Conditions of Stay:

  • The representative must work solely for the sponsoring business.
  • They must not engage in any other business activities in the UK.
  • They must comply with all UK immigration laws and regulations.

Family Members:

  • The representative’s spouse or partner and children under 18 may be eligible to accompany them to the UK on dependent visas.
  • They must meet the specific eligibility requirements, including English language skills and financial maintenance.

Application Timing:

  • Applications should be submitted at least 3 months before the intended travel date.
  • This allows enough time for processing and avoids delays in starting work in the UK.

Application Costs:

  • The application fee for the visa is currently £719 if applying from outside the UK and £827 if applying from within the UK.
  • Additional fees may apply for biometric tests and healthcare surcharges.

Processing Times:

  • Processing times for UK visas can vary depending on the applicant’s nationality and location.
  • Aim for at least 3 months of processing time to ensure a smooth transition.

Extension of Stay:

  • Representatives can apply for visa extensions for up to 2 years, totaling a maximum stay of 3 years.
  • They need to demonstrate continued compliance with the visa conditions and the business’s ongoing presence in the UK.


  • Sole Representatives may be eligible for settlement in the UK after meeting specific criteria, including:
    • Having held the visa for at least 5 years.
    • Meeting the English language and financial requirements.
    • Maintaining good character and compliance with visa conditions.

Switching into the Sole Representative Route:

  • Applicants may be able to switch to the Sole Representative route from other visa categories if they meet specific eligibility requirements.
  • This option requires careful assessment and guidance from an immigration lawyer.

Seeking Professional Help:

  • Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd offers valuable assistance in navigating the complex UK visa process.
  • They can provide legal advice, ensure application compliance, and maximize the chances of success.

Expand your business reach and unlock new opportunities in the UK with Sindhu Immigration Services Ltd. Let us help you secure your Representative of an Overseas Business Visa and embark on a thriving expansion journey.

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